Back Window Replacement / Door Glass / Quarter Glass Replacement

Let the Experts Replace Your Back Window.

Your back window is crucial to your safety and ability to maneuver the roads and parking lots. It also helps to deter theft and unwanted vermin from entering your car.

Rear window replacements can be rather difficult to perform. Besides requiring quite a bit of physical strength, many modern vehicles come equipped with a defrost grid and/or antenna circuitry that must be accounted for during installation. A malfunctioning or improperly connected defrost grid can become dangerous, while a disconnected antenna is just plain annoying.

In terms of aesthetics, it’s very easy to damage your paint job if the removal process is done incorrectly. We have the right tools and skill necessary for the job, and with a guaranteed lifetime warranty, why risk aggravation?

Let the Experts Replace Your Side and Rear Auto Glass

A broken door window puts your comfort, safety, and personal valuables at stake. Although we’ve seen some quite imaginative DIYs here, we recommend not relying on a clear plastic bag and some duct tape as a permanent solution.

In order to replace the side door auto glass, it is required for the side door panel to be removed. There is a lot of room for error during this process if you don’t know what you’re doing. Common issues range from disconnecting the window regulator to breaking fastening clips and forgetting what goes where. We’re experienced with all kinds of door chassis, so just leave the hassle to us.

Let the Experts Repair Your Quarter Glass

The quarter glass (AKA as the valence window) is made from the same tempered glass that your side and back windows are fashioned from. Designed to shatter into harmless glass balls upon impact, it can prove to be a messy cleanup.

Although small, the quarter window acts to enhance the view of your surroundings, and if you’re lucky, provide ventilation for you and your passengers. It is located in the furthest end of your car, usually on or behind the rear door. It can be either fixed or retractable (called a vent window).

In most cases, the side panel of your door or the quarter panel needs to be removed in order to properly clear any debris away from the opening. If the quarter glass is applied using adhesive, it’s important to cover up the exposed metal with a primer in so that no rust starts to develop.