Windshield Replacement / Chip Repair

Let the Experts Replace Your Windshield

Your windshield serves two main functions – to protect you from the elements, and secondly, to provide reinforcement to your vehicle’s frame. It’s extremely important that your new windshield is replaced using quality adhesive. The last thing you want is your windshield wriggling around while you’re going 120km/h on the highway.

Besides using good quality adhesive, the application technique is of utmost importance. If the adhesive isn’t properly applied, water may enter through the air pockets and break the seal. Or even worse, you may experience cracks forming in the winter when that same water freezes and commences to expand.

Upon completion of our work, rest assured knowing that we will go over any precautions you should take (I.e. How long you should wait until driving, when will it be safe to use the car wash) and answer any questions you may have.

Let the Experts Repair Your Auto Glass Chips

Although small, a chip can become a fissure in sheer moments. Cracks on windshields gradually grow worse from the everyday stress they endure. Eventually, this compromises the structural integrity of the window pane and puts you and your passengers at risk if the glass were to shatter.

Three main factors decide whether windshield damage can be repaired – size, depth, and location. A minor superficial dent in the centermost area of your windshield is much easier to treat than a larger, deeper, and more edge bordering crater. Certain areas such as where the rain sensor, lane departure warning system, and automatic braking system lay, may not be repairable as they require a crystal-clear view that even a near perfect repair can hinder.

If you’re not sure, let the experts decide. We value transparency and will accommodate your needs in order to find an agreeable solution.