Gord Campbell

I called Ali on a Saturday just to see if he could install a winshield on a Sunday. I was pleasantly surprised by his upbeat enthusiasm. We arranged the time on a Sunday and he came over with his sidekick Fred. They had my new quality windshield installed in 30 minutes. Thank you for the fun dialogue and the great service. I recommend them whole heartedly. All the best Ali and Fred. Great pricing too.

Gianluca Gurizzan

Ali is very professional, very accommodating, I had to reschedule twice and he was more than willing to accommodate by driving to my house and fixing my windshield.

The work he did was very good. My windshield now has no issues. The service was very quick as well. My windshield was fix within 2 days of contacting him.

I would highly recommend him to anybody who has a damaged windshield.

Kevin Fresh

Just had my Windshield Done by Windshield Experts Limited Ali and his crew did a flawless job I would recommend him any day they took my windshield out of my BMW coupe and replaced it with out any problems great job guys thanks a lot .